How John Henry Petroleum Leverages Technology

December 15, 2016
If there is one thing that sets John Henry Petroleum from other oil and gas companies, it could very well be their strong entrepreneurial spirit. The two former oil and gas executives who founded JHP had a strong desire to move their industry forward and that is what they have done.

John Henry Petroleum has a remarkable ability to stimulate continued innovation in both exploration and drilling by experimenting and learning how to best apply emerging technologies like 3D seismic imaging and new deviated and horizontal drilling technologies to make the production of oil and gas more efficient and profitable. JHP’s focus on better techniques for oil and gas exploration means they currently have a large inventory of proven oil and gas reserves, which means they have the power to leverage their inventory in a way that makes them a very successful oil production company. Over the years, that have a proven ability to generate impressive steady growth. John Henry Petroleum’s innovation in exploration and extraction allow them to increase profitability by only drilling in the most oil-and-gas-rich areas in the prospect inventory in their project portfolio, which will make the company successful for years to come.